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GFF18 Polyxeni

15+ 100 MIN
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A stunning cinematic portal back to Greek aristocracy in 1970s’ Istanbul.

Inspired by true events, writer of the Hellenic Academy Award-winning Unfair World (GFF 2012) Dora Masklavanou’s Polyxeni is an epic and engrossing exploration of trust, tragedy and love.

In 1955, a prominent and wealthy Greek couple living in Istanbul adopt a young Greek civil war orphan, Polyxeni (Katia Goulioni), who has been separated from her brother. When her adoptive father dies in 1970, the now headstrong Polyxeni is groomed to become a member of the Grecian elite and the heir to his significant estate. But her affinity with the family’s Turkish servants and blossoming romance with local man Kerem (Özgür Emre Yildrim) ignites a vicious internecine battle for the spoils of her late father’s fortune that threatens more than just Polyxeni’s financial wellbeing.

Notably embellished by beautiful photography and an evocative score, Polyxeni intoxicatingly depicts cross-cultural conflict, as well as the rise of a post-counter-culture feminism.

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Tuesday 9th October


100 min




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