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IFF20 7 Hours to Win Your Heart

18+ 93 MIN
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Neapolitan actor Giampaolo Morelli (Love and Bullets IFF18 and in this year’s Golden Men) makes his directorial debut with 7 Hours to Win Your Heart, a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy set in Naples. Giulio (played by Morelli) is an economics journalist, soon to be married to his fiancé Giorgia (Diana Del Bufalo, My Big Gay Italian Wedding IFF18). When Giorgia leaves him right before their wedding for his boss Alfonso (Massimiliano Gallo), Giulio suddenly finds himself single, unemployed, and forced to reconsider his firm convictions about love.
Enter the stunning Valeria (Serena Rossi, Morelli’s co-star in Love and Bullets IFF18) - a woman of determined character but disillusioned with love. A master of the art of seduction, Valeria is the go-to teacher for single men looking for romance.
Desperate and determined to win back his fiancé, Giulio attends Valeria’s classes. There, they team up with the goal of getting Giorgia back in his arms, but in the process one of them will have to change their outlook on love. Based on Morelli’s 2016 book of the same name, this gorgeously entertaining film questions whether falling in love is an exact science or a mystery.


NOMINATED: Best Comedy, Golden Globes Italy 2020.  

NOMINATED: Best Actor in a Comedy, Best Actress in a Comedy, Nastri d’Argento Awards 2020.


"The right film at the right time."

- Vanity Fair Italy

Movie Information

Release date

Wednesday 25th November


93 min





Film Festival


Italian with English subtitles