KOFFIA18: Stand By Me

23rd September, 2018 (ALL )
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  • Director Bang Soo-in
  • Cast Lee Sun-jae, Jeong Ji-hoon
  • Duration 92 min
  • Rating ALL


Deok-gu, a 7 year old boy, lives with his little sister Deok-hee and his grandfather in a country village. A few years ago, Deok-gu’s father passed away in a traffic accident, and soon after, his mother ran away with her father’s life insurance payout. Working part-time just in order to survive, the grandfather struggles to raise the kids, and it’s not easy to buy even a small toy for Deok-gu. While Deok-gu prepares to enter elementary school, his grandfather discovers that he doesn’t have much time left. Knowing that Deok-gu is too young to look after himself and his sister his grandfather prepares a present for his grandchildren that may be his last.

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