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KOFFIA21: Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs

G 92 MIN
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“Whether I close my eyes or open them, you are the most beautiful woman in the world.”
This is a fairytale island where princes and princesses are one in a dozen, literally. But a special group of princes called ‘the Fearless Seven (F7)’ are known to be the fairest of them all!
As always, it was a walk in the park for the F7 in rescuing a beautiful princess from a fiery dragon, but oh no, the beauty they thought they saved was not a beauty at all! F7 humiliates and insults the ugly pixie princess and she curses them into a spell that can only be broken with a kiss from the most beautiful girl in the whole kingdom. Once a fearless seven, now turned Dwarfs, set out on an impossible mission to undo the spell.
Meanwhile, ‘Snow White’, whose appearance is far from the perfect beauty that the Dwarfs desire, stumbles on a pair of magical Red Shoes and transforms into a beautiful girl that she never thought she could be. She escapes from the wicked queen and somehow finds a way into the Dwarfs’ house, seeking refuge and help to find her missing father.
Can the seven Dwarfs break the spell and go back to their Fabulous selves by getting a kiss from the most beautiful girl in the kingdom?

Movie Information

Release date

Thursday 2nd September


92 min




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