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LAT18 In Love and in Hate

18+ 103 MIN
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Elegantly adapted from Argentine literary giants Adolfo Bioy Caseres and Silvina Ocampo’s eponymous novella, In Love and in Hate whisks us away to a desolate beachside hotel, where the windows are nailed shut, sand storms engulf the lobby, and vacationers gather to eat, drink, swim—and solve a murder.
Doctor Enrique Huberman (Guillermo Francella, star of The Secret in Their Eyes, The Clan and this year’s Animal) travels to Bosque del Mar in search of rest. Instead he finds Mary, a literary translator with whom he’s tangled in a tempestuous affair. Yet Huberman is not this femme fatale’s only paramour, and as desires flare up so does the spectre of death.
Nominated for seven Argentine Oscars, In Love and in Hate, with its delicately foreboding score and opulent inter-war fashions, is equal parts Agatha Christie and Raúl Ruiz, a sumptuous, high-style whodunit.

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Tuesday 13th November


103 min




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