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LAT18 Loveling

M 98 MIN
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The captivating, wonderfully moving new Brazilian drama from Gustavo Pizzi, Loveling traces a mother-of-four whose life is turned upside down when her eldest son is offered the chance to pursue his sporting dreams overseas.

Irene (Karine Teles) is raising four rambunctious sons in a home that is physically crumbling but warm and happy. As Irene simultaneously shelters her sister Sonia and her son (who just left a volatile marriage), supports her own husband whose business is struggling financially, and plans her own long-awaited high school graduation, Irene’s eldest son, Fernando, suddenly announces he has been recruited by a professional handball team in Germany and will be leaving in just three weeks. Consummate caretaker Irene resists at the idea of emancipating the 16-year-old so he can travel and live alone, and she becomes increasingly anxious about what her future holds.

Writer/director Gustavo Pizzi exquisitely captures a family’s home and life in intimate, crisp, fully realized detail, while co-writer/actress Karine Teles embodies Irene with delicacy and passion, articulating in equal measure her fierce familial devotion, seemingly endless reserve of warmth and patience, and growing existential doubt.

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Tuesday 13th November


98 min




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