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LAT18 Luis

18+ 98 MIN


An honest and decorated Chief of Police struggles to keep his spoiled teenage son on the right track. When he is eventually caught in a transgression of the law, they will both have to confront the true meaning of justice, compliance and privilege in a society marked by deep social contradictions.

Luis is the son of a national hero, Colonel Rosario (Dominican cinema veteran Alfonso Rodríguez) who has a strict stance against drugs; viewing them as a national problem. For teenage Luis, his only concerns are hanging out with his friends and flirting with girls at parties. But it’s not long until the late nights catch up with him and he has to face the wrath of not only his father but the Dominican justice system.

Opening the 2017 Festival Cine Global Dominicano, the hotly anticipated Luis comes from Archie López, one of the country’s top-grossing directors after his record breaking blockbuster comedies Lotoman and Tubérculo Gourmet.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 13th November


98 min




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