LAT18 Amalia, the Secretary

13th November, 2018 (15+)
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  • Director Andrés Burgos
  • Cast Ana María Arango, Enrique Carriazo, Marcela Benjumea
  • Duration 102 min
  • Rating 15+
  • Language Spanish with English subtitles
  • Genre Comedy, Drama


In this hilarious Colombian comedy, Amalia, a woman in her forties is the cranky secretary to the CEO of a family business going through hard times.

Tidy and efficient, her employer prizes her ruthless lack of sympathy that keeps unwanted visitors away. Amalia leads a simple life of her own making: monotonous but safe. She is convinced that she needs nothing else. Until one day she meets Lazaro, a maintenance worker who comes to her office for a job.

His completely opposite character to hers, his spontaneity and tendency to find chaos wherever he goes awakens unexpected feelings in her. So much so that she will create a little chaos of her own to keep him around.


  • “Each actor in this impressive ensemble cast injects heart and soul into their respective characters.” –

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