LAT18 Animal

13th November, 2018 (18+)
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  • Director Armando Bo
  • Cast Guillermo Francella, Gloria Carrá, Carla Peterson
  • Duration 112 min
  • Rating 18+
  • Language Spanish with English subtitles
  • Genre Drama, Thriller


Oscar-winner for best screenplay Armando Bo (Birdman) directs Animal, a provocative wickedly ironic thriller that, thanks to yet another superb performance by Guillermo Francella (The Clan, The Secret in Their Eyes), is set to be one of Latin America’s breakthrough titles of 2018.
Francella portrays Antonio, a happily married man who would seem to have it all: a loving family, a good job and a nice house. He’s the kind of person who’s always played by-the-book, believing that playing by the rules will be best. But one day, he finds a younger couple that are able to offer him the one thing he seems to lack when he’s faced with a life or death situation.
Bo’s 2012 debut The Last Elvis swept Argentina’s Ariel Awards and now Animal has been touted as “the biggest and most highly anticipated Spanish-language theatrical film set to be released in 2018.”

“It serves to showcase both Armando Bo’s undeniable talent behind the camera, and Guillermo Francella’s in front of it.” – Me gusta el cine


NOMINATED: Best Film, Sitges Catalonian International Film Festival 2018

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