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LIFF19 The Armadillo's Prophecy

15+ 99 MIN
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After collaborating as a writer on the magnificent Diaz: Don’t Clean Up This Blood (LIFF12), Emanuele Scaringi steps into the director’s chair to offer this melancholy comedy based on the bestseller graphic novel by Zerocalcare.
Zero is twenty-seven years old and lives in the run-down Roman suburb of Rebibbia. He spends his days aimlessly criss-crossing Rome doing odd jobs and visiting his mother, but when he returns home, he enters a new realm. An armadillo awaits him; a form of his critical conscience. Throughout absurd conversations the two discuss the state of world and analyse what is to become. But with the news of the death of Camille, a schoolmate and unrequited love, Zero is forced to face a harsh reality.
Combining fantasy and realism, this Venice Film Festival 2018 selection cleverly embodies a generation faced with uncertainty while also reminding us of the futility of life and that time, inexorably, escapes us.

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Tuesday 17th September


99 min




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