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NY Portguese Short Film Festival 16



New York Portuguese Short Film Festival Screening 1:
Thursday, July 28

PRONTO, ERA ASSIM - That's how it Was
Director: Patrícia Rodrigues e Joana Nogueira
An animated documentary that presents the life story of six seniors, four ladies and a couple. In an interview mode, they give voice to the objects who protagonise the documentary. Each character shares their life stories in fragmented moments that oscillate between the past, present and future.

Director: Luís Porto
Maria lives alone in a remote village in the countryside. She is a woman of strong moral and religious beliefs. Alone and isolated, she has no way of justifying a sudden and unwanted pregnancy. What will prevail: the fear of being ostracized and judged by society or the love of God?

Director: Ricardo Teixeira
Jorge is tired of his daily life. One day he suddenly decides to take a break with the lovely Teresa. Together they head to Douro River, and break their weariness with small gestures of craziness and pleasure. Enjoying life, not doing anything, doing a lot. It's worth it, even if just for a while.

LEI DA GRAVIDADE - Law of Gravity
Director: Tiago Rosa-Rosso
Two characters of a Portuguese film question their brief existence.

Director Daniel Sousa
A wild boy is found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought back to civilisation. Alienated by a strange new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies that kept him safe in the forest.

New York Portuguese Short Film Festival Screening 2:
Friday, July 29

Director: Patrícia Vidal Delgado
Isa is a young outreach worker who uses forum theatre as a tool to promote awareness and discussion of social issues. The gulf between theory and practice widens when her work is mirrored by her reality.

“O ASSALTO” - The Robbery
Director: João Tempera
A moral film without redemption. An intruder arrives at a country house in search of something he can take and leaves without knowing if he took something, if he left something, if he invaded, if he was stroked by destiny or by the coincidences of life.

“PREFIRO NÃO DIZER” - I'd Rather Not Say
Director: Pedro Augusto Almeida
The day begins with an exchange of favours. An interview, a football game and cigarettes after cigarettes. Routine fragments of those who live in an isolated space, which labels and conditions life choices.

Director: Vicente Nirō
To overcome loneliness and contempt of others, Lingo connects to social networks to get some companionship. He however comes to realise that online friends, likes and selfies do not bring happiness.

“Os Cravos e a Rocha” - The Carnations and the Rock
Director: Luísa Sequeira
April 25, 1974, the iconoclastic Brazilian filmmaker Glauber Rocha was in Portugal. He joined the collective film, "As Armas e o Povo". With its foreign and peculiar look, it breaks the conventional filmmaking rules.

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Thursday 28th July


120 min




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