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PERFF20: Short Films Session



The Persian International Film Festival is proud to prsent this year's Short Film selections:

LIKE A GOOD KID: Sara is supposed to babysit Matin for the day while his mother is at work. Matin tells Sara about a fight with his mum the night before, leading to a series of events that will change Matin and Sara’s lives.

THE VISIT: Elaheh is allowed to visit her husband, a political prisoner, after a six months wait. Elaheh and her little daughter Tara have a day to prepare for this important meeting.

RED PANDA: A driver who has been dreaming of going to Denmark incidentally picks up a passenger who has been living there. By the time they reach destination, the passenger doesn’t want to get off anymore.

HEDIEH: 14-year-old Hedieh escapes from the school service, leaving her friend forced to explain the reasons behind it.

DILEMMA: In a cold night tainted with perplexity and uncertainty, two men take the action of secretly killing a man and a woman.

EACH OTHER: In this short animation, people own personality layers that they take to wash to a “layeromat”, just like their clothes. A young man who works in one of these layeromat accidentally loses one of his layers.

FUNFAIR: Majid struggles financially and take the horrific decision to try and push his wife in front of a car in order to gain insurance money.

EXAM: A teenage girl drifts in an unexpected cycle of occurrences as she gets involved in the process of delivering a pack of cocaine to a client.

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Thursday 3rd December


129 min




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