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PFF19: The Messenger

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The Messenger tells the incredible true story of a real-life superhero – the legendary Courier from Warsaw, a Polish spy whose lonely mission was to decide the fate of Poland and World War II.

The new film by Władysław Pasikowski, the director of hit movies "Jack Strong" and "Pitbull. The Last Dog" is an action spy thriller inspired by secret missions of the famous Courier from Warsaw, Jan Nowak-Jeziorański. Pursued by hostile intelligence agencies, he became the Courier of the Chief Commander of Poland’s AK Home Army resistance and the Polish Government in Exile in London. As a messenger, he carried top secret information between Warsaw and London. He travelled through German occupied Europe a number of times, narrowly escaping capture. In England he met with Prime Minister Winston Churchill, providing reports on the situation in occupied Poland. During one of his missions in July 1944, he returned to Warsaw only a few days before the Warsaw Uprising broke out. During the Uprising he took an active part in fighting the Germans and also set up a radio station that maintained contact with Allied countries through daily broadcasts in Polish and English. After the Warsaw Uprising he managed to return to England while carrying microfilms documenting the 63day struggle. His life is marked by courage and integrity and reflects the dramatic history of Poland.

It’s July 1944 and the Home Army Headquarters is in the final stages of secret talks whether or not to start a military uprising. Jan Nowak is entrusted with a dangerous mission to travel from London to German-occupied Warsaw to deliver information crucial to the Home Army’s final decision. Delayed by a series of unforeseen events and with the Gestapo trying to intercept him at all costs, he must reach the Polish Commanders before the irreversible decision is made without him completing his mission. A mission that might alter the fate of Poland and World War II.

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Sunday 16th June


90 min




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