PFF19: The Butler

16th June, 2019 (CTC)
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  • Director Filip Bajon
  • Cast Janusz Gajos, Sebastian Fabijanski, Marianna Zydek
  • Duration 150 min
  • Rating CTC


Inspired by true events and beautifully crafted, an epic tale spanning 45 years (1900-1945) and following the fate of the Prussian von Krauss family. The film tells the story of a secret love between Kashubian boy Mateusz, taken in by German aristocrat Gerda von Krauss after his mother dies at birth and Marita, the daughter of Gerda, with whom Mateusz grew up with. Set against the backdrop of the tumultuous history of the Kashubian region and three nations inhabiting the former Polish-German borderland – the Kashubs, Poles, and Germans, The Butler is remarkable story not to be missed.

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