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Polish22: Adventures of a Mathematician

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A warm-hearted and thought-provoking true story of Polish mathematician Stan Ulam, who fled to the US in 1930s and joined the Manhattan Project to create the hydrogen bomb and later the first computer. Based on Ulam’s autobiography the film offers a fascinating glimpse into one of the greatest scientific minds of the 20th century.

When good-looking bon vivant Stan Ulam, a talented Polish Jewish mathematician, loses his fellowship at Harvard, his best friend, the Hungarian genius Johnny von Neumann, offers him a mysterious job which takes him to New Mexico. Surrounded by a legendary team of European scientists Stan begins top secret work on the nuclear bomb. At his side is Françoise, a French woman he meets and marries after a whirlwind romance. While desperately trying to help his sister flee German occupied Poland, Stan struggles with moral conflicts about his contributions to nuclear weapons that could potentially save his family left behind in Poland, but also destroy many innocent lives.

It’s an emotional journey through the times when science lost its innocence and shaped the world we live in today.


WINNER: Audience Award, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival I 2020
WINNER: Best Film Award, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival I 2020
NOMINATED: From Cottbus to Cinema – Distribution support prize for a festival film I Cottbus Film Festival I 2020


""A compelling look at the dawn of the nuclear age. Handsomely made. The charismatic Tlokinski gives an affecting performance. Esther Garrel also makes a vivid impression. Mathematician always tantalizes. A film that touches on immigration as well as the dangers of nuclear weapons certainly sounds timely.""

- The Hollywood Reporter

Movie Information

Release date

Sunday 5th June


100 min




Joel Basman, Sam Keeley, Dawid Tlokinski


Thor Klein


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