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SCA16 As it is in Heaven 2: Heaven on Earth

M 144 MIN


Ten years after the stunning success of As It is in Heaven, veteran director Kay Pollak rekindles the magic of his original film with this independent sequel.

Reuniting key cast members, Heaven on Earth takes up where the last story left off: Conductor Daniel Dareus’ soprano and love interest, Lena (Frida Hallgren), is alone and pregnant. She gives birth during a snowstorm with only the intoxicated village vicar (Niklas Falk) to assist her. Such an intense experience creates a bond between the two, and Lena agrees to bring people to the church as a cantor, but just as music and dancing inspire joy, it also sparks fear and jealousy in the village.

Fans of As It is in Heaven will not be disappointed by the heartfelt continuation of the characters and storyline commenced in the original, handled with the kind of delicate combination of humour, mischievousness and utter joviality unique to its filmmaker.

Heaven on Earth also works beautifully as a standalone feature for viewers who may not have seen the first film.

Movie Information

Release date

Thursday 30th June


144 min




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