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SCA16 The Mine

15+ 97 MIN


In this chilling environmental thriller set in Finland, the world’s number one mining destination, director Aleksi Salmenperä creates a grimly cloistered world in which immoral decisions can be defended on a purely practical level.

The mine in question is a huge nickel source in Lapland that belongs to Finnish company Talvivaara. With the intent of making a living for his family, the ambitious, intelligent but inexperienced Jussi takes a job overseeing environmental permissions for the project and it soon becomes apparent that substantial corners are being cut. In order for development to continue, Jussi is pressured into overlooking the fact that Talvivaara’s work is having a toxic effect on local waters. Meanwhile, the toxicity is also leaking into Jussi’s personal life.

Based on a true story, the film charts the course of neglect, corruption and manipulations which led to disaster for Lapland and its underprivileged inhabitants. Delving into the thick of the cold office dealings, we are invited into the intimidating phone calls, shady meetings and ethical compromises that facilitate such results. A frightening tale of caution, and truly compelling viewing.

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Release date

Thursday 30th June


97 min




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