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SCA22 So Damn Easy Going

18+ 91 MIN
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On the cusp of adulthood, 18-year-old Joanna’s (newcomer Nikki Hanseblad) mind is in constant sensory overload, like a theme park in peak season. Joanna suffers from ADHD and needs medication to keep her buzzy brain in order.

Her depressed father (Shanti Roney, Tove, ScandiFF2021) hides behind drawn curtains and can't manage buying food, paying the bills or supporting Joanna. With him out of work, Joanna must be creative in her hunt for money, resorting to selling whatever she can at her high school to pay for her medication.

Amidst the chaos, she meets the charming and confident Audrey (Melina Benett Paukkonen) and develops a close bond with her classmate, so she now has both a bursting mind and an exploding heart.

In his debut feature film, director and co-writer Christoffer Sandler uses novel visual and aural effects to depict the uncontrollable cacophony of lights and sounds that many people with ADHD endure every day. Based on the critically acclaimed young-adult novel by Swedish author Jenny Jägerfeld, So Damn Easy Going is a funny, sweet coming-of-age drama about love and daring to be yourself.


NOMINEE – Best Nordic Film, Göteborg Film Festival 2022 

NOMINEE – Best Feature Film Seattle International Film Festival 2022  

OFFICIAL SELECTION – BUFF Malmö Film Festival 2022 


"Plenty of charm, not least thanks to the two leads, also in their film debut."

- Hedmark Reviews

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Release date

Tuesday 12th July
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91 min




Christoffer Sandler


Film Festival


Swedish with English subtitles

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