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SPA19 70 Big Ones

MA15+ 105 MIN
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Presenting a superb cast and crew, Koldo Serra’s third feature is a race against time that delivers barrel loads of intrigue, suspense and action with the perfect peppering of black humour.
Raquel is desperate: a series of unfortunate events have led to her daughter being taken and she needs a large amount of money to get her back, and fast. After a desperate plea to the bank, she has manages to secure the loan she needs. The problem is that precisely at that moment, a peculiar couple of robbers enter the branch: the drug-addicted Jonan (Hugo Silva) and his partner Lola (Nathalie Poza), who is a deadly combination of smart and psychotic. But Raquel’s stakes are too high, and she knows she must think carefully to outsmart them, save herself and get her money.
70 Big Ones delivers an exhilarating smack in the face with a clever script and hard-hitting action that will have audiences holding their breath up until the final unexpected moments.

Please note all films will screen with English subtitles.

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Release date

Wednesday 27th March


105 min




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