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SPA19 Break

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Giving licence to laugh at our shared miseries, directors Hernán Guerschuny and Jazmín Stuart present this story of six old friends approaching their forties who reunite to spend a summer weekend in the country together with their children. As they eat, drink, smoke, dance, have sex and discuss fantasies, their nostalgic desire to relive the fun of the past will be replaced by the realisation of how much has changed and how different they now are. This new dynamic gives rise to revelations of dramatic secrets, lies, unrequited desires and accumulated frustrations. These are magnified by the presence of their children, intensifying their parents’ desire for them to have a better future. Here, the not-so-young adults are surprised to find themselves in plain existential crises on the cusp of a new decade.

Candid and contemporary with moments of profound intelligence Break is at once a dynamic comedy and tender drama. Replete with identifiable characters, it shines a refreshing light on anxieties about middle age, weaving in questions around generational differences and class tensions in a manner that is bold, attractive and undeniably funny.

Please note all films will screen with English subtitles.

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Wednesday 27th March


95 min




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