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SPA19 Hopelessly Devout

M 90 MIN
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In this clever debut, director Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz and her host of eccentric characters challenge traditional taboos with a fresh and funny perspective on female empowerment and patriarchy in the church.
Spanish television veteran Gloria Muñoz (The Unexpected Life, SFF14) returns to the big screen as Carmen, a devout Catholic woman from Malaga who is on the cusp of changing history to become the chosen leader of her local religious guild. However, her dream is all but crushed when her biggest rival is chosen: the ridiculous, arrogant Ignacio, who is also determined to prevent her from holding the post. When a comic twist of fate leaves Ignacio unconscious in Carmen’s home, she must make all attempts to keep him hidden while she receives a series of unexpected visitors. Yet, what at first seems like a terrible predicament may, in fact, be Carmen’s only chance to snatch back her dream.
This is a refreshing representation of the devoted Catholic middle-aged woman, with Muñoz’s wonderful performance bringing humour, humanity and a wicked edge to the role that entertains to the very end.

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Wednesday 27th March


90 min




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