SPA19 A March to Remember

27th March, 2019 (CTC)
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  • Director Victor Cabaco
  • Cast Amaia Aberasturi, Ruth Díaz, José Maunel Seda, Alberto Berzal, Mikel Iglesias, Iñaki Rikarte, Oti Manzano
  • Duration 92 min
  • Rating CTC
  • Language Spanish with English subtitles
  • Genre Historical Drama, Thriller


Spain, 1976. Dictator Francisco Franco is dead, and a people’s uprising is in the works. But after decades imposing abuses through fear, intimidation and violence, those still wielding power in Spain are not prepared to just sit back and allow society to change. On the 3rd of March, after many months of the workers’ union demanding improved conditions, their representatives called a day of general strike in the city of Vitoria. Thousands of workers gathered in the church of San Francisco, while outside, hundreds of armed police forces waited.
Begoña (an exceptional Ruth Díaz, The Fury of a Patient Man, SFF17), a young middle-class woman, tells in first person of the tragedy that next occurred that day as a dramatic and bitter confrontation culminated in the murder of five workers ordered by the central government. An event after which Begoña, the city, and the country, would never be the same.
This superb recreation of real-life events is masterfully enriched by extensive documentary images and authentic police recordings to depict an appalling historical episode which to this day, remains shamefully unpunished.


OFFICIAL SELECTION: San Sebastián International Film Festival 2018
NOMINATED: First Feature Competition, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2018

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