SPA19 Super Crazy

27th March, 2019 (CTC)
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  • Director Martino Zaidelis
  • Cast Natalia Oreiro, Diego Torres, Pilar Gamboa, Fernán Mirás, Hugo Arana, Gimena Accardi, Walter Cornás
  • Duration 94 min
  • Rating CTC
  • Language Spanish with English subtitles
  • Genre Comedy


Super Crazy boasts a lead performance bursting with energy and charisma from actress Natalia Oreiro as a woman who takes a remedy that makes her unable to stop speaking her mind.
Nothing good ever happens to Pilar (Oreiro). Her stay-at-home husband is useless, her boss is forcing her to work with the influencer from hell, her psychiatrist doesn’t listen to her, and people insult her in the street. On top of everything, her flirtatious ex is marrying a woman she despises.
One day, Pilar’s world is turned upside down when she has a casual encounter with a wise old man, who advises her to drink a mysterious concoction. Upon waking the following morning, Pilar feels completely revitalised, proceeding to say and do anything and everything that goes through her mind. An uproarious series of encounters ensues, where everyone shall suffer the wrath of this sudden transformation. But while initially life appears to improve for Pilar, she is oblivious to the toll her newfound brutal honesty is taking on those she holds most near and dear.

Please note all films will screen with English subtitles.


  • “Natalia Oreiro proves she is a born comedian.” - Clarín

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