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SPA21 Bye Bye Mr. Etxebeste!

18+ 100 MIN
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The long-anticipated sequel to the 2005 Basque hit comedy Aupa Etxebeste! sees beret-maker Patrizio Etxebeste discover that life as town mayor isn’t as easy as he thought. Feigning poor health so he can resign before being disgraced in a corruption scandal, Patrizio passes the job on to his wife María Luisa, whom he assumes will follow his orders. Chaos ensues when this does not turn out to be the case, as María Luisa has ideas of her own. Seeing an opportunity to make real change, his wife seizes the chance of a lifetime, but will their marriage survive?

Reuniting the electric combination of Ramón Agirre (Operation Goldenshell SFF18) and Elena Irureta as they return to their roles of Mr. and Mrs. Etxebeste, this sharp social satire about corruption and power in local politics world premiered to critical acclaim at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. Lampooning politics and marriage in a classic battle-of-the-sexes comedy, Bye Bye Etxebeste! is as topical as it is hilarious.

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Tuesday 20th April


100 min




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