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SPA21 Cross the Line

18+ 96 MIN


A feverish nocturnal thriller featuring a stellar performance from Mario Casas, (My Big Night SFF16, Witching and Bitching SFF14) Cross the Line follows a good man who has an unexpected deadly confrontation.
Dani (Casas) is an all-round good guy who has dedicated the last few years of his life to taking care of his sick father. After his dad passes away, he decides it’s time to get his own life back on track and buys a round-the-world ticket. But before his journey can get underway, he meets Mila (Milena Smit), a young girl who is as attractive and sensual as she is disturbed and unstable.
What starts out as a night of adventure quickly turns into a living nightmare, taking Dani to extremes he could never have imagined.
David Victori’s sophomore feature, for which he also penned the screenplay, spins Dani, a man who has never harmed a fly, into a frantic spiral of sex, drugs and violence.
An intense and frenetic tale, Cross the Line delivers moral questions that will prompt audiences to reassess their most deeply held values.


WINNER: Best Actor, Goya Awards 2021.  

WINNER: Best Spanish Actor, El resplandor Award, Días de Cine Awards 2021. 

WINNER: Best Actor in a Spanish Film, Sant Jordi Awards 2021. 

NOMINATED: Best New Actress, Best New Actor, Goya Awards 2021. 

NOMINATED: Best Actor, Best Production Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyles, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound, Gaudí Awards 2021.  

NOMINATED: Best Spanish Film, Días de Cine Awards 2021. 


"A titanic performance from Mario Casas."

- El Periódico

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 20th April


96 min




David Victori


Film Festival


Spanish with English subtitles