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SPA21 Rosa's Wedding

M 97 MIN
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From writer/director Icíar Bollaín (Yuli, SFF19), the joyous new romantic comedy Rosa’s Wedding features the superb Candela Peña (Truman SFF16, Kiki, Love to Love, SFF17) as a woman who decides to take charge of her life after always putting others first.
About to turn 45, seamstress Rosa (Peña) works in the wardrobe department of a film production company in Valencia. Besides the pressure of her job, she’s also besieged from all sides by the demands of family members: her widowed dad, Antonio (Ramón Barea); her divorced brother Armando (a scene-stealing Sergi López); her possibly-alcoholic sister Violeta (Nathalie Poza); and her grown-up daughter Lidia (Paula Usero). Plus, there’s the constant favours for friends and neighbours…
Taken completely for granted and tired of living for others, Rosa retreats to her childhood home in the scenic coastal town of Benicàssim and – much to the consternation of her family - announces her engagement to someone that those around her can’t quite accept or believe! Breezily mixing comedy and pathos, Rosa’s Wedding is a life-affirming call to self-empowerment and independence.


WINNER: Special Jury Award, Best Supporting Actress, Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2020. 

WINNER: Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Song, Goya Awards 2021. 

NOMINATED: Best Actress, Best New Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Film, Goya Awards 2021. 

NOMINATED: Best Actress, Best Picture, José María Forqué Awards 2021. 

NOMINATED: Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Trailer, Best Film: Comedy, Feroz Awards 2021. 


"A feel-good film par excellence."

- Screen International

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 20th April


97 min




Icíar Bollaín


Film Festival


Spanish, Valencian, Catalan with English subtitles