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SPA21 The Adopters

18+ 105 MIN
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Martin (Diego Gentile, Wild Tales SFF15) and Leonardo (Rafael Spregelburd, One Night of Love LATFF17) are a loving, middle-aged couple who have been together for a decade. Successful, happy and fully committed to each other, they would seem to have it all… until Martin’s announcement that he wants to adopt a child upends their lives.

With Buenos Aires as a backdrop, these two men – Leonardo, an adopted child himself; and Martin desperate to be a dad before he is too old – find themselves at a crossroad that may ruin their happy-ever-after. A bizarre triangle is created when Martin is drawn to a female athlete who suggests he could be her biological sperm donor.

Using both humour and pathos to tell a touching tale about family, identity, change and insecurity, The Adopters comes based on the director Daniel Gimelberg’s own experience as a gay man and an adoptee. The honesty of his storytelling gives this film a refreshing authenticity that can’t help but touch at the hearts of audiences of all persuasions.


OFFICIAL SELECTION: International Film Festival Cine del Mar – Punta del Este 2020 

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Santiago International Film Festival 2020 

OFFICIAL SELECTION: International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of Havana 2019


"A modern romantic comedy without prejudices that addresses the vicissitudes of a gay couple."

- La Nación

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 20th April


105 min




Daniel Gimelberg


Film Festival


Spanish with English subtitles