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SPA21 The Plan

18+ 80 MIN
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It's 9am on a hot summer’s morning in Madrid. Three unemployed friends who met while working at the same company have a scheme they hope will change their fortunes for the better, but fate has something else in mind. When their car breaks down, Paco (Antonio de la Torre, The Realm SFF19), Ramón (Chema del Barco, Petra SFF19) and Andrade (Raúl Arévalo, also in this year’s The Europeans) find themselves trapped inside a small apartment where hidden secrets rise to the surface.

In Carlos Polo Menárguez’s debut The Plan, being too close for comfort – even with good friends – sets into motion a drama that is at times both tragic and very, very funny. Unexpectedly stranded together as they desperately search for a replacement vehicle, conversation turns to love and life. The carefully disguised pain and anxiety that the men have buried away increasingly comes to light, forcing them to learn the truth not only about each other, but themselves.

Peeling back the layers of each man’s personality to reveal the reality that lies beneath, Polo Menárguez presents an unforgettable reminder that friendship doesn’t always go according to plan.


NOMINATED: Best New Actor, Best Sound Effects, Goya Awards 2021 

NOMINATED: Best Supporting Actor, Special Award, Feroz Awards 2021 

NOMINATED: Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, ASECAN 2021  

NOMINATED: Best Film, Valladolid International Film Festival 2019 


"This deliciously dark comedy delves into some extremely important social issues."

- El País

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 20th April


80 min




Carlos Polo Menárguez


Film Festival


Spanish with English subtitles