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SPA22 Mediterraneo- The Law of the Sea

18+ 112 MIN
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In Autumn 2015, profoundly affected by the heart-wrenching photograph of a young Syrian-Kurdish boy drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, two Spanish lifeguards, Òscar (Eduard Fernández, A Thief’s Daughter) and Gerard (Dani Rovira), travel to the Greek island of Lesbos to offer assistance.

They arrive to discover a shocking reality: thousands of people risking their lives every day, crossing the sea in the most precarious vessels, fleeing from armed conflicts and other miseries in their home countries. But what stands out most is that no one is doing any rescue work.

Together with Òscar’s daughter Esther (Anna Castillo) and other members of the team, they fight to do what none of the authorities are tasked with doing, and provide support to thousands of people who desperately need it. For all involved, this initial voyage will turn into a life-changing odyssey.

From Marcel Barrena (100 metros), this gripping drama charts the story of ruptured and reunited families. Based on the true story of the founder of NGO Open Arms, Òscar Camps, Mediterráneo is a tale of humanity, justice and solidarity.


WINNER – Best Cinematography, Best Original Song, Best Production Manager, Goya Awards 2022  

WINNER – Best Original Score, Best Visual Effects, Audience Award, Gaudí Awards 2022 

WINNER – BNL People’s Choice Award, Rome Film Fest 2021  


"A highly efficient tale that will play on your conscience."

- Fotogramas

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 19th April


112 min




Eduard Fernández, Dani Rovira, Sergi López, Àlex Monner, Anna Castillo


Marcel Barrena


Film Festival


Spanish, Greek, Catalan, Arabic with English subtitles, English

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