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SPA22 The Cover

18+ 83 MIN
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In Benidorm, a city by the sea where every night is a party, Dani (Àlex Monner) is a young man disappointed with life. He is dealing with a paralysing internal conflict: he would love to be an artist but he is afraid of failing like his father or being another average joe like his grandfather. To avoid taking the leap, he hides behind the excuse of respecting his authenticity.

Like every summer, Benidorm is filled with artists who come to sing in its bars, hotels and nightclubs. Between his waitering work and nights out with his friends, Dani meets Sandra (Marina Salas) and her friend Margarita (Carolina Yuste, also in Girlfriends), who work impersonating pop stars Adele and Amy Winehouse, covering their famous songs.

Their encounter changes the course of their lives, as Sandra introduces Dani to love but also to the struggle of anonymous artists and the true meaning of standing out in the crowd.

Featuring cover versions of some fantastic tunes, Secun de la Rosa’s directorial debut is a story of initiation and discovery, told with immense heart.


WINNER – Young Jury Award, Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2021 

NOMINEE – Best Original Song, Goya Awards 2022  

NOMINEE – Best Film: Comedy, Feroz Awards 2022  

Movie Information

Release date

Monday 19th April


83 min




Carolina Yuste, Àlex Monner, Marina Salas


Secun de la Rosa


Film Festival


Spanish and French with English subtitles, English

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