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Static Vision: The Films of Charlie Lyne

15+ 120 MIN
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Static Vision is proud to present two films from UK filmmaker Charlie Lyne - FEAR ITSELF and LASTING MARKS - in a one-off screening, exclusively at Palace Central.

Charlie Lyne's documentary work is grounded in collage and memory - films, photographs, anecdotes re-examined in unusual ways. His second feature, Fear Itself (2015), is a essay film steeped in dread. It's comprised almost entirely of clips from horror films, from the iconic (Poltergeist, The Ring) to the less so (straight-to-DVD thriller Amber Alert), which are paired in voiceover with an original story of profound loss. The film goes beyond presenting feverish film watching as a coping mechanism and pulls us in too.

His latest short film, Lasting Marks (2018), which won Best Short Film at last year's London Film Festival, examines media coverage of a shockingly prejudiced vice squad investigation in late 1980s England known as 'Operation Spanner' that led to the prosecution of a group of gay men.

Director Charlie Lyne will be in attendance, with an extended Q&A to follow the screening.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 30th July


120 min