YAH17 Neruda

3rd April, 2017 (MA15+)
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  • Director Pablo Larrain
  • Cast Mercedes Morán, Gael Garcia Bernal, Luis Gnecco
  • Duration 107 min
  • Rating MA15+


It’s 1948, and the Cold War has reached Chile. In Congress, Neruda accuses the left-wing government of betraying the Communist Party and is swiftly impeached. Police prefect Oscar Peluchonneau is appointed to arrest him. Yet the poet is somehow inspired by the dramatic events of his new life as a fugitive, and uses this struggle as an opportunity to reinvent his work and life, leaving clues for his nemesis designed to make their game of cat-and-mouse more dangerous. In this ingeniously-crafted tale of the persecuted poet and his implacable adversary, Neruda discovers his own heroic possibilities: a chance to become both a symbol for liberty, and a literary legend.

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