YAH17 Their Finest

3rd April, 2017 (M)
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  • Director Lone Scherfig
  • Cast Jeremy Irons, Bill Nighy, Gemma Arterton, Jack Huston, Richard E. Grant, Rachel Stirling, Eddie Marsan, Sam Claflin
  • Duration 116 min
  • Rating M


Boost your spirits with this rousing period comedy set in Britain’s wartime film industry, directed by An Education’s Lone Scherfig. While working in the Ministry of Information, young secretary Catrin Cole is unexpectedly appointed to the position of screenwriter in the Film Division – charged with bringing the “female perspective” to morale boosting war films. Out of her depth at first, Catrin begins to come into her own and earn the respect of her male peers – she’s the only person that Ambrose Hilliard (Bill Nighy), a past-his-prime yet nonetheless pompous actor, will talk to. The film pops with witty banter and flows with lovely period detail. Nighy in particular, is perfectly cast in his endearingly withering role.

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