YAH18 All About Eve

2nd April, 2018 (PG)
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  • Director Joseph L. Mankiewicz
  • Cast Anne Baxter, Bette Davis
  • Duration 138 min
  • Rating PG


A triumph of the American cinema – the quintessential depiction of ruthless ambition in the entertainment industry – it is also a salute to the indomitability of actresses like Bette Davis.

Davis shines in her greatest role as veteran actress Margo Channing whose hard-edged personality and experience goes up against the wiles of a younger actress — powerhouse versus ingénue, age versus beauty. Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s Oscar-winning drama is one of the greatest films about Hollywood, women, acting, ageing and good old-fashioned rivalry. Now over 60 years old All About Eve hasn’t aged a day. Margo Channing would either be very proud or very jealous.

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