YAH18 Sea Dreaming Girls

2nd April, 2018 (G)
slider image
  • Director Katia Bernardi
  • Duration 77 min
  • Rating G


One day, in the tiny Italian mountain village of Daone, a group of gregarious grannies led by chain-smoking, forthright Erminia, quietly lovely Jolanda, and wry pragmatist Armida begin planning a trip in honour of their Rododendro club’s 20th anniversary. They quickly agree on a trip to the sea, where many of their dearest members have never ventured. But how will they raise enough money so that everyone can wiggle their toes in the surf?

Like Calendar Girls Italian-style, director Katia Bernardi captures this inspiring tale of women on the verge of a grand adventure—underscoring that dreams never age and age must never restrict dreaming.

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