YAH18 Swinger

2nd April, 2018 (18+)
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  • Director Mikkel Munch-Fals
  • Cast Martin Buch, Rasmus Botoft, Mille Dinesen
  • Duration 99 min
  • Rating 18+


On the surface Adam seems to have a good life. A lovely wife, a soon-to-be-adult son and a steady job – but something is missing. The optimism of his youth is but a distant memory. Even the swinger-weekends that he and his wife attend to spice things up have become a tedious routine. The neighbour’s grass just seems greener and true happiness is always elsewhere. Until one day, what can’t happen at a swingers-club happens: Adam falls in love!

Recalling his breakout film Nothing’s All Bad, Mikkel Munch-Fals’s tongue-in-cheek midlife crisis comedy is filled with relationship quirks and the dark humour that audiences have come to love in Danish cinema.

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