YAH18 The Guy From Oklahoma

2nd April, 2018 (18+)
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  • Director Julio Carlos Ramos
  • Duration 96 min
  • Rating 18+


The Guy from Oklahoma is the vibrant story of American visionary artist Anado McLauchlin. Born in Oklahoma, his tumultuous life took him to San Francisco, New York and India before finally settling down and opening up a gallery and sculpture garden in the outskirts of a Mexican village.

Since their arrival in San Miguel de Allende, Anado and his partner turned their house into a centre of expression and colour. An icon of the community, and with a unique style, Anado has captivated local and international audiences for his daring creations and his unselfconscious personality. The documentary portrays his history as a gay man in the 70’s, and his trade and skill in a way that is true to Anado’s own genius.

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