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YAH20 The Taverna

18+ 86 MIN
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Award-winning Australian writer/director Alkinos Tsilimidos’ black comedy, The Taverna, follows one utterly calamitous evening within the confines of a Greek restaurant in Melbourne.

The taverna’s owner, Kostas (Vangelis Mourikis), gets more than he bargained for when popular belly dancer Jamila (Rachel Kamath) refuses to work and is replaced with his waitress, Sally (Emily O'Brien-Brown). Matters are complicated further by a kidnapping and Kostas’ son, Angelo (Christian Charisiou), being involved in a car accident.

Throw a sleazy customer who doesn’t know his limits into the mix – along with Jamila’s ex-husband, Arman (Peter Paltos); his new girlfriend, Rebecca (Tottie Goldsmith); and the well-meaning chef, Omer (Senol Mat) – and Kostas’ nightmare becomes a darkly comic ride into the wild side of life, love, food and cultural difference.


"My goal was for the audience to experience one night in the tavern and to leave wondering what the next night could possibly bring."

- Alkinos Tsilimidos

Movie Information

Release date

Wednesday 19th February


86 min




Vangelis Mourikis, Rachel Kamath, Senol Mat, Emily O'Brien-Brown, Tottie Goldsmith


Alkinos Tsilimidos


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