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$10 Tickets
29 Nov – 2 Dec Only!

Movie lovers, get ready for an EPIC weekend with $10 tickets* to all sessions at Palace Cinemas in Brisbane this weekend only!

Head into the unknown with Anna and Elsa in Frozen 2 (PG), see Timothy Spall as the inimitable artist L.S. Lowry in Mrs. Lowry & Son (PG), or witness an all-star cast shine in Knives Out (M), a modern-day tribute to the mastermind Agatha Christie where the murder is mirthful, the twists ingenious, and the political subtext thought-provoking.

Get into gear and strap yourself in for a ride you won’t forget with Ford v Ferrari (M), see the number 1 highest-grossing film of this years’ MINI British Film Festival, Official Secrets (MA15+), starring Keira Knightley, or let the uplifting, feel-good film Fisherman’s Friends (M) warm you up inside.

With tickets at this price, they won’t last long! Secure your seat and book now!

* $10 tickets excludes Palace Deluxe, festival & special event screenings. 

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$10 Tickets!*
29 Nov - 2 Dec