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After May (DVD)


Other Details:
Rating: MA15+
Running Time: 122 mins
Region: 4 PAL
Release Date: 16 April, 2014
With: Clément Metayer, Lola Créton
Director: Olivier Assayas



Art. Sex. Rebellion. Life awaits the curious.

It’s 1971, and the youth of suburban Paris are still waging the struggle against both a reactionary government and a complacent society, a revolution they believe is just beginning, and their impassioned debates bleed into the streets.

Gilles is a high school student torn between left-wing activism and his aspiration to become a painter or filmmaker. After being left behind by his alluring but non-committal girlfriend Laure, he meets political firebrand Christine and senses a kindred spirit. When one of their protests goes wrong and draws police attention, Gilles, Christine and their friends escape to sun-drenched Italy for the summer…

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