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My Days Of Glory (DVD)


DVD Release: 17 February, 2021 – Available now.

Rating: M Sex, nudity and coarse language

Running Time: 98 mins

Region: 4

With: Vincent Lacoste, Emmanuelle Devos, Christophe Lambert, Noée Abita

Directors: Antoine de Bary



The wry and engaging comedy debut from Antoine de Bary, loosely inspired by his own family, MY DAYS OF GLORY tells the a story of a former child star whose life’s in a downward spiral as he approaches thirty, taking influence not only from the 60’s New Wave but the shaggy-dog indies of Gen-X USA.

In a welcome return to his comedic roots, Vincent Lacoste (Amanda, Sorry Angel, Room 212) stars as Adrien, the definition of an anti-hero: self-absorbed, unemployed and sponging shamelessly off his parents. A promising career as an actor in his youth has led to virtually nothing since; he bounces from audition to audition, barely getting by with finely-honed sarcasm skills and a severe case of denial.

So Adrien can’t quite believe it when a German director seems interested in casting him as the lead in a big-budget biopic of Charles de Gaulle, to whom he purportedly bears a strong resemblance. Unfortunately, the apron string ties to a subsidised easy life with his psychoanalyst mother and wayward father (a superb Emmanuelle Devos and vanity-free Christophe Lambert) are bound so tight, it’s going to take Adrien far more than wisecracks to break free of them…

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