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Turtles Can Fly (DVD)


Genre: Drama, War
Rating: M
Running Time: 98 mins
Format: DVD (PAL)
Language: Kurdish with English Subtitles



TURTLES CAN FLY is set in a village on the border between Iran and Turkey, just as the world’s news networks announce the US led invasion of Iraq. The villagers desperately seek a satellite dish antenna to keep informed of the impending attack. No adult is up to the job so it falls to a 13-year-old boy called “Satellite” and his underage army to find the treasured antenna. There are plenty of laughs from these delightfully scrappy kids as they barter with American soldiers for the best price on old landmines.

Arriving suddenly from a neighbouring village is a clairvoyant boy called Henkov. The war is getting closer and closer and Henkov has a strong sense of foreboding about what is going to happen…

The first feature film from Iraq since Saddam’s downfall, TURTLES CAN FLY is a masterpiece of profound tragedy, intense joy and breathtaking cinematography. Featuring, without doubt, the most extraordinary performances by children ever captured on camera.

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