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Cinema And Movies

Cinema And Movies

What is a DELUXE session?

What is an UPGRADE session?

Palace Cinemas Refunds due to Lockdown

Where is my nearest Palace cinema?

Can I use my companion card at Palace Cinemas?

How can I subscribe to the session times?

Why can’t I see the session times for next week?

I have made a booking but can no longer attend.

Can I use my complimentary pass at Palace Cinemas?

I am trying to book online for a Film Festival session. Can I use my Film Festival Pass online?

Which of your cinemas are wheelchair accessible?

Does Palace offer any options for the hard of hearing or visually impaired?

Movie Club

Movie Club

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I can’t reset my password!

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Palace Member Hub

Palace Member Hub

How do I set up my Member Hub?

I can’t reset my password!

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I haven’t received my E-Ticket after booking online. Where can I find it?

Why is there an online booking fee? Is there a fee if I book at the box office?

Why can’t I book sessions for multiple cinemas in the one transaction?