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These Terms and Conditions are issued by Palace Cinemas Nominees Pty Ltd to govern .


1.1          These Terms and Conditions set out the details of the Palace Movie Club and the rights and obligations of both the Members and Palace Cinemas. It is each Member's responsibility to read and understand these Terms and Conditions.

1.2          By enrolling and participating in The Palace Movie Club Membership, each Member acknowledges and agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

1.3          Palace Cinemas reserves the right at any time without notice to amend, alter, withdraw or terminate any feature of The Palace Movie Club. Membership and all related Benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Palace Cinemas.

1.4          These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time and all Members will be bound by any updated Terms and Conditions. The current Terms and Conditions governing Palace Movie Club are at


In these Terms and Conditions, the following words and expressions have the meanings defined below unless the context otherwise requires:

2.1          “Benefits” mean the benefits available to Palace Movie Club Members after sign up and are subject to change.

2.2          “Member e-Card” means the QR code issued by Palace Cinemas to identify a Member of the Palace Movie Club via their online Member Hub. A Member can access their Digital Card by logging into their MemberHub at and scanning the digital barcode displayed on the phone.

2.3          "Member" means a person who is recognized by Palace Cinemas as an active and valid member of the Palace Movie Club.

2.4          "Membership" means the participation of a Member in The Palace Movie Club.

2.5          "Membership Card" refers to the barcoded card issued by Palace Cinemas to identify a Member. A Membership is a physical card scanned at any transaction point in cinema.

2.6           “Member Hub” means the page that Members can access after logging into their account on the website to view their current member benefits

2.7          “Membership Number” refers to the unique number printed on the back of the Membership Card.

2.8          "Participating Cinemas" means cinemas which are owned and or operated by Palace Cinemas. Cinemas which are not owned and operated include LunaPalace in Western Australia and PalaceNova in South Australia. These cinemas are not participants in the Palace Movie Club and certain promotions and offers may only apply at selected cinemas only, Members should check the terms and conditions for the relevant offer.

2.9          "Terms and Conditions" means these terms and conditions which govern Palace Cinemas and may be varied from time to time by Palace Cinemas.



4.1         The Palace Movie Club is available to all individuals who agree to the terms and conditions and are eligible as follows:

4.1.1      Palace Movie Club; eligible for those between 19-59 years of age

4.1.2      Palace Golden Club; eligible for those over the age of 60.

4.1.3      Palace Student Club; eligible for those under the age of 18 or holders of a valid full-time student card.

4.2         Membership is effective upon receipt of confirmation from Palace Cinemas

4.3         All previous Members of the Palace Movie Club in South Australia will be transitioned to the PalaceNova Club will automatically be transferred to the PalaceNova Club, unless otherwise notified.

4.4          Palace Cinemas reserves the right at any time without notice to decline to issue Membership, withdraw or cancel any Membership, or terminate a Membership.

4.5          Grounds for doing any of the things referred to in clause 4.4 include (but are not limited to):

4.5.1      Any abuse or attempted abuse of a person’s Membership or anything associated with Palace Cinemas;

4.5.2      An act or omission contrary to these Terms and Conditions;

4.5.3      Any member benefits which are accumulated or credited fraudulently or erroneously;

4.5.4      Any reasonable suspicion of unacceptable conduct in connection with a person’s Membership.

4.6          Membership can only be held by an individual. Membership is not open to families, groups, companies, trusts, partnerships, other entities, government departments or agencies.

4.7          Memberships and their associated Benefits are non transferable, and are not redeemable for cash.

4.8          Memberships are only available at participating Cinemas.


5.1          The Palace Movie Club has its own Membership Card and Digital Card. Members should keep their Membership Card and Digital Card secure.

5.2          A Member’s Membership Number will correspond with one Membership only.

5.3          If a Membership is lost or stolen it should be reported by notifying a Movie Club representative via and a replacement fee of $6.00 (GST inc) will apply for each re-issued card.

5.4          All Membership Cards are the property of Palace Cinemas at all times and must only be used by Members for the purposes contemplated by these Terms and Conditions.

5.5          A new Member may be allocated a Membership Card and at a Participating Cinema. To become a Member online, the new Member must sign up online by inputting a valid email address and password, mobile phone number and post code, opt in to receiving SMS and emails from Palace Cinemas

5.6          A member is eligible to renew their membership 31 days prior to the expiry date of their membership and can do so at any Palace Cinema location or by signing into their Member Hub online at


6.1          Membership may be terminated by the Member or Palace Cinemas.

6.2          A Member may terminate their Membership by contacting a Movie Club representative via email at  .

6.3          Membership will be automatically terminated if Palace Cinemas cancels The Palace Movie Club.

6.4          Palace Cinemas may terminate a Member’s Membership for any reason deemed reasonable by Palace Cinemas.


7.1          At the end of the online sign up process, applicants will receive an email sent to the email addressed nominated in the application. It is at this point that Membership becomes active and may be used.

7.2          When logging into the Member Hub, Members may opt, at their own risk, to stay logged into the Member Page after the initial session concludes. Subject to the computer settings, if the opt-in is selected the Member will remain logged in to the Member Hub Member Page until the Member manually logs out. Members using shared or public computers should log out after each session to maintain the security of their Membership.

7.3          Introductory Ticket(s) will be available for redemption instantly at all Palace Cinema locations or within 24 hours of the online sign up process.  Introductory ticket not valid with Film Festivals, Special Events, Alternate Content or Palace Platinum.


8.1          Membership Benefits are applied to all paid membership accounts as follows:

8.1.1      Introductory Ticket(s) within 24 hours of the online process and instantly upon sign up at a Palace Cinema location. You receive an Introductory Ticket per year of joining or renewing your membership.  These ticket(s) will expire 12 months from date of issue.  Introductory ticket not valid with Film Festivals, Special Events, Alternate Content or Palace Platinum.

8.1.2      The Complimentary Birthday Ticket for Premium members was discontinued on the 1st August 2023 upon revision of benefit values. The Birthday ticket is no longer added electronically to a Members account at the start of their birthday month and will no longer expire after 90 days. The Complimentary Birthday Ticket was not valid with Film Festivals, Special Events, Alternate Content or Palace Platinum.

8.2          Membership Benefits are applied to all paid and free membership accounts as follows:

8.2.1     Discount Ticket(s) are available at all Palace Cinemas locations. To purchase Discounted Ticket(s), simply present your valid Membership card in cinema or sign in to your Member Hub online. Booking fees apply for online purchases. Surcharges apply for Palace Platinum and Deluxe. Offer excludes some special events, group bookings and is not available in conjunction with any other offer or promotion unless otherwise stated.  This offer is not available during unexpected system outage periods that are beyond our control. Discount Ticket(s) are eligible on Film Festivals and Palace Platinum. The card holder must be present to purchase this offer and show a valid membership card at the cinema alongside their e-Ticket if applicable. When bringing a guest, their discounted ticket price will be assigned based on their age. If the guest is under the age of 60yrs they will receive the Palace Movie Club discount ticket price. If the guest is 60yrs of age or older, they will receive the Golden Club discount ticket rate.

8.2.2      Exclusive access to Special Event are redeemable as per the terms and conditions of use. To receive notification of these events a Member must have a valid email address linked to their account.

8.2.3      Membership Offers and Rewards are accessible at the Palace Bar and a Member must have a valid email address registered to their account to be notified. These are subject to change.

8.2.4      The Movie Club Guarantee is available for all current Members and the Member must notify staff at the box office within 30 minutes of the film starting to receive a refund. This benefit cannot be applied outside of these terms.

8.3          If Premium Palace Movie Club members do not renew their membership by the set expiry date, they will automatically be downgraded to the Palace Movie Club Free tier.  Members will retain any Rewards they have earned up to that point, but all new offers and benefits will be in line with the Free Tier.

8.4          The Palace Movie Club may email offers to Members from third parties. Palace Cinemas accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to any matter that may arise between the Member and any third party in relation to any offer that a third party has made through Palace Cinemas.

8.5          Membership Benefits will expire as per the terms and conditions noted in clause 8.1 and cannot be extended, are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

8.6          Periodically, Members will be able to enter into promotions. Entry into such competitions may be subject to separate terms and conditions which will be available on the Palace Cinemas website.

8.7          Promotional prizes must be taken as offered and are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash. If the winner of a major prize is under 18, the prize will be awarded to that person's parent or guardian. If a prize is unavailable, Palace Cinemas reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value. Separate terms and conditions will apply to promotions.

8.8          Members may receive film-based discounts, offers and Rewards. Separate terms and conditions may apply to such offers which will be available on the offer landing page or in the email that the Member is sent advertising the offer.

8.9          Palace Cinemas may host special Member-only screenings where entry is complimentary or at a discounted price. Prior to admission, Members must present their Membership Card as proof of Membership. As seating is limited, Membership does not guarantee entry to these screenings.

8.10      Members of the Palace Movie Club Free receive a complimentary 12-month membership which gives the member access to a single discounted ticket per session. As we have waived the annual membership fee for this membership offering the Introductory Ticket(s) and Birthday Surprise are not added to the account.

8.11      Earning Points and Rewards:

8.11.1    A Member will be eligible for a Recognition Item when their Membership account shows they have reached the required Points Balance against the listed item.

8.11.2    A Member will earn 10 points for every $1 the Member spends on Eligible Purchases at a Participating Palace Cinema.

8.11.3    A Member MUST be logged into the Member Hub during an online transaction to earn reward points or by presenting a valid Membership ID prior to the completion of a paid transaction at a Participating Palace Cinema.

8.11.4    It is the Member's responsibility to log in or show their Membership ID to earn Points. Palace Cinemas is in no way liable for any loss or missed opportunity should a Member fail to log in or show their Membership ID when making an Eligible Purchase.

8.11.5    Only paid Eligible Purchases are eligible to earn Points, and subject to change.

8.11.6    Reward Points value needed to redeem eligible items may change at any time.

8.11.7    Points cannot be split between Members within a single transaction. Points will only be allocated to the Member logged in when making the purchase.

8.11.8    Points earned will appear in the Member’s Point Balance within 24 hours of a completed Eligible Purchase. Members can start as soon as membership is activated.

8.11.9    Reward points are strictly non-refundable after recognition redeemed.

8.11.10  Reward points are non-transferable between memberships.

8.11.11   Reward Points cannot be earned on Palace Home Cinema

8.11.12   If Palace Cinemas cannot confirm that Points or Rewards were properly issued or obtained, it may refuse to record or honour the Points or Rewards on a Member's account, or if already recorded, may cancel such Points or Rewards.

8.11.13   Reward points cannot be earned with the use of payment via gift cards or other voucher transactions.

8.12        Redeeming Rewards:

8.12.1     The redemption of a Reward is subject to item availability. Redemption of Ticket Reward subject to online booking fees.

8.12.2     Reward Movie Club Tickets exclude redemption on Film Festivals, Special Events, Palace Platinum or Alternative Content.

8.12.4     Reward points are strictly non-refundable after recognition redeemed.

8.12.5     Reward points cannot be redeemed on Palace Home Cinema.

8.12.6     Redeemable reward items subject to change at any time.

8.12.7     Member must have active account to earn and redeem points.

8.13    Free Tier memberships will expire if the account is inactive for more than 48 months, all earned reward points will also expire.


9.1          Palace Gift Cards are only eligible for redemption at Palace Cinema owned and or operated locations and exclude South Australia and LunaPalace.

9.2          If purchased via Palace Shop, please allow 4-5 business days for the Palace Gift Cards to arrive (unless you have paid for express post, in which case you shall receive the card in 1-3 Business days)

9.3          Palace Gift Cards can be used in one or many transactions and may not be re-sold and are not redeemable for cash.

9.4          Lost or stolen Gift Cards will not be refunded or replaced.

9.5          Palace Gift Cards expire 3 years from the date of issue and any balance that remains after that date will and expire and not be available for use.

9.6          Gift card related Coupon Codes are only valid for online purchases.

9.7          Palace Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers, gift cards or books of ticket offers.

9.8          Palace Gift Cards can be redeemed at the box office and online.


9.1          In the event that the Member returns or exchanges a paid Eligible Product, any benefits the Member accrued when purchasing the Eligible Product will be deducted automatically from the Membership.

9.2          Palace Shop products can be exchanged within 30 days for an item of the same or lesser value. This offer excludes wine glasses.

9.3          Faulty items may be eligible for refunds and customers will need to contact our Customer Service team at to organise an exchange/refund.

9.4          Paid memberships will not be refunded if the benefits have been used.


10.1        By participating in The Palace Movie Club, Members consent to Palace Cinemas’ collection, use and disclosure of their personal information in accordance with the Palace Cinemas Privacy Policy and may be amended from time to time.

10.2        Privacy Collection Notice: Personal information collected from Members is maintained in accordance with Palace Cinema's Privacy Policy. All personal information acquired by Palace Cinemas is confidential and will be used for the operation of the Movie Clubs only. We do not disclose the information to any other organisation. Personal information collected may be used for marketing and promotional purposes as contemplated by that Privacy Policy. When a Member’s Membership Card is swiped or a Member is logged into their online account and purchases a ticket, the information shall be recorded as part of the Member's profile (with such information to include frequency of visits, number of tickets purchased, and film and cinema location selected). Inquiries regarding the personal information which we hold about you should be addressed to Palace Movie Club. P.O. Box 9383, South Yarra, 3141 or email us at .


11.1        The terms of use in respect of the website of Palace Cinemas apply to any use of the website in connection with the Program.

11.2        Palace Cinemas and its respective officers, agents, employees and related bodies corporate shall not be responsible for any damage or loss resulting from a person’s participation in or activities in connection with The Palace Movie Club. Palace Cinemas reserves the right to cancel or suspend The Palace Movie Club and will notify Members accordingly.


12.1        Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit Palace Cinemas in the exercise of any legal or equitable rights and remedies it may have.

12.2        Subject to applicable laws, Palace Cinemas will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered by any Member as a result of any termination, suspension or cancellation of the Palace Movie Club or the Member's Membership.


13.1        The Program and a Member’s participation in the Program, including a Member's entitlement to any Benefits or Rewards, are subject to all laws applicable to Palace Cinemas and to the Member which may restrict, prohibit or limit the scope or extent of the Program or any such Benefits or Rewards.


14.1        These Terms and Conditions are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of Victoria, Australia irrespective of where the application for Membership has been completed by the Member. In any action or other legal process with respect to any matter or thing in connection with these Terms and Conditions or the Program, the Member submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the State of Victoria.

14.2        Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects any rights a Member may have which by law cannot be excluded, including under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

14.3        If part or all of any clause in these Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable then it will be read down to the extent necessary to ensure that it is not illegal, invalid or unenforceable, but if that is not possible, it will be severed from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions will continue to have full force and effect.

14.4        Neither Palace Cinemas nor its officers, agents, employees or related bodies corporate make any representation or warranty as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of any goods or services offered as prizes. Palace Cinemas will not be liable for any loss (including any indirect or consequential loss) or damage by reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent, of Palace Cinemas in connection with the Program unless such liability may not be lawfully excluded, in which case liability will be limited to the greatest extent permitted by law.


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