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FFF23 Country Cabaret

M 109 MIN
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Based on an outrageous true story, COUNTRY CABARET will throw you headfirst into the most uproarious, show-stopping circus performance you’ve ever seen, brought to life on the big screen...

Recently separated and struggling to make ends meet, David (Alban Ivanov, The Extraordinary, AF FFF22) feels down on his luck. When his family-owned farm risks going under, he takes a trip to the city to drown his sorrows at the Cabaret.

Feeling hopeless and drunk, he is ready to call it a night until dancer Bonnie, played by Sabrina Ouazani (On the Other Side of the Tracks, AF FFF14) takes to the stage.
Delivering a show- stopping performance, Bonnie’s beauty and talent leave David awestruck – could this be his get out of jail free card? As he watches Bonnie glisten under the stage lights, David is struck by a marvellous idea and an opportunity to save his farm with a one-of-a-kind show – a country cabaret.

Featuring a standout performance from the multi-talented Sabrina Ouazani and a quirky cast of performers, Country Cabaret is a testament to the power of teamwork, determination and above all else, hope. Delight in the group’s infectious chemistry as they hustle to transform a tired barn house into a dazzling theatre, giving David the opportunity to keep his farm and just maybe, find love.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 7th March


109 min




Guy Marchand, Alban Ivanov, Sabrina Ouazani, Michèle Bernier, Bérengère Krief


Jean-Pierre Améris


Film Festival


French with English subtitles

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