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FFF24: Kina & Yuk

G 85 MIN
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In this breathtaking journey of survival, friendship and courage suitable for the whole family, two brave little Arctic foxes - Kina and Yuk - experience the adventure of a lifetime. From filmmaker Guillaume Maidatchevsky, whose previous film Ailo’s Journey delighted audiences with its tale of a reindeer fawn, comes a new epic adventure set in the vast icy wilderness of the Arctic.

Kina and Yuk are about to become parents. As a result of global warming their home is changing around them. When the melting polar ice separates the pair, it becomes a race against time for them to be reunited before their cubs are born.

Despite the distance, they remain determined to find each other once more. Exploring new and unknown terrain, making new friends who help them face the dangers that stand in the way of their quest to be together once more, the cute and curious Kina and Yuk will capture your heart and give you hope as they defy the odds with their love and dedication.

Narrated by beloved French actress Virginie Efira (Other People's Children, AF FFF23), this film is an invitation to experience the extraordinary via an unmissable adventure.

Movie Information

Release date

Tuesday 5th March


85 min




Virginie Efira, GUILLAUME MAIDATCHEVSKY, Michaël Souhaité


Guillaume Maidatchevsky


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