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FFF24: Princes of the Desert

PG 110 MIN
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Saddle up for the adventure of a lifetime in this exhilarating family film set in the high-stakes world of international camel racing!

When Zodi, a 12-year-old Berber, finds and adopts Téhu, an orphaned baby camel, an unlikely bond is formed. This connection deepens when Zodi discovers, under the guidance of the dromedary veterinarian Julia (Alexandra Lamy, Rolling to You, AF FFF19), that his new best friend has the potential to become a champion runner.

Thus begins an exciting journey for the pair, full of adventures and dangers. Facing cruel thieves who want Téhu for their own nefarious schemes and battling epic sandstorms, Zodi dedicates himself wholeheartedly to achieving his dream: winning The Golden Sword, a race with a substantial cash prize that could save his tribe.

Princes of the Desert is a spirited adventure of the highest order. An ode to friendship from writer/director Eric Barbier (Little Country, AF FFF21) and starring talented newcomer Yassir Drief as Zodi, Princes of the Desert will convince viewers that a boy and a camel can become devoted and loyal companions. Don't miss this thrilling tale set in the world of One Thousand and One Nights!

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Release date

Tuesday 5th March
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110 min




Alexandra Lamy, Yassir Drief, Youssef Hajdi, Said Bey, Pierre Hancisse


Eric Barbier


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