"My love of motion pictures was born in Muro Lucano, Italy, where my father rented the church hall to play movies when I was a small boy. It was then that I was taught a value system: the same one on which I have built Palace Cinemas - one that embraces innovation, inspiration as well as the preservation of family, culture, heritage and leadership." 
Antonio Zeccola, Founder and Owner of Palace Cinemas 

Antonio Zeccola's involvement in film dates back to the 1960's where his first foray into the motion picture industry was (like his father's before him) a rented town hall screening films to small but enthusiastic audiences. 

His obvious passion and commitment translated into success very quickly and by the mid to late 1970's Antonio operated a number of suburban cinemas including The Metropolitan in Brunswick, The Roma in Bourke Street and The Palace in Bourke Street from which the group derived its current corporate identity as Palace. 

The group continued to flourish throughout the 1980's and early 1990's with the addition of a number of successful locations such as the Dendy Brighton, The Balwyn Cinema and The Academy Cinema in Paddington, NSW. During this time Palace Home Entertainment was created to cater for the growing demand for home videos. 

Today, Palace Cinemas comprises 85 screens across 20 locations nationally, the majority of which include fully licensed bar/café facilities. The business employs in excess of 500 staff nationally

Introduction To Palace
Palace, Australia's pre-eminent independent entertainment group is renowned as a provider of fully licensed, luxurious, complete cinemas for the discerning movie patron. 

We are a local business, with a national network that has an international profile. 

The Palace Cinemas brand is an experience of places we long to be: countries, cultures, communities and architecturally significant cinema spaces. 

The experience is delivered with a sense of occasion and is underpinned by our core business values: 
Care, Hospitality, Enjoyment, Efficiency, Respect, Style

Over the last few years, Palace has transformed heritage buildings into modern cinemas with quality bar and café` offerings. These locations have become treasured landmarks that local residents and patrons engage with, they're unique destination cinemas that offer quality films, entertainment and hospitality.

The Palace Movie Club
With over 120,000 members nationally, The Palace Movie Club is the original and the best value movie club in the country. 

'I am impressed. Thanks for providing such a great program' 
J.N.R Palace Movie Club Member 

Palace Film Festival Program
Palace Cinemas is the home of Australia's leading international film festivals: the Italian Film Festival, Spanish Film Festival, Greek Film Festival, French Film Festival, Spanish Film Festival, German Film Festival, Israeli Film Festival, Russian Film Festival and many others including the Bayside Film Festival in conjunction with The Bayside City Council. 

We travel to the world's largest international film festivals including Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Locarno, Venice, Sundance, Rome, London and Tribeca to secure unique festivals and events to attract new audiences. We place significant resources in exploring film markets around the globe to find the best offerings. This has allowed us to build direct relationships with overseas partners. 

Our Festivals and events are managed by a team of professionals with many years of experience between them. 

"...the Italian Film Festival this year commands the attention of anyone who cares about culture..." 
Peter Craven THE AGE 

Palace Hospitality - Since 1994
Palace's authentic café's and bars are a cornerstone of the Palace Cinemas business. 

'Every local worth their salt visits the Palace Westgarth Cinema bar. You don't need to see a film to take advantage of the great coffee and bar serving up a smart selection of wine, spirits'. - The Age 

'The atmosphere you created for the fashion parade and champagne breakfast was just fantastic. Your attention to detail second to none. Our partners were very pleased with the results. Great coffee too. Here's to more wonderful Palace events' - (company name supplied) 

Palace Cinemas' award winning Olive Oil popcorn!
Popcorn made at Palace Cinemas is popped exclusively in Olive Oil and has been recognised by Health Smart Magazine, winning the Smart Snack of the Year 2008. Most other cinemas use Palm Oil or Coconut Oil for their popcorn, which are higher in the saturated fats linked to heart disease and smellier to cook! However Palace Cinemas opted for a healthier alternative. Clean, healthy Olive Oil popcorn is available at all Palace Cinemas across the Eastern seaboard. 

Palace and Technology
Palace is constantly monitoring developments in technology and is committed to investing in equipment and technical resources that provide our cinemas with the high quality and superior flexibility that a busy event schedule demands. 

Each of our cinemas is equipped with its own server that allows direct upload of digital material. Two of our sites have installed the superior 3D projection sytems (with glasses that aren't disposabble...). 

Our team understands the changing face of the exhibition industry is ready to take advantage of the opportunities new technology can bring from all over the world. 

Palace is committed to provide a creative, passionate and professional service to our patrons and business partners. 

We are committed to providing more than simply a cinema as we provide a complete entertainment experience that will make every visit, no matter how long, an experience. 

Our Mission is “to efficiently deliver a memorable, sophisticated, high quality entertainment experience with exceptional service, utmost comfort and within a stunning cinematic ambience.”