Poster for Cult Vault at Palace Westgarth
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Cult Vault at Palace Westgarth

Event Dates: 1 March, 2013 - 2 March, 2013
Participating Cinemas: Palace Westgarth

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, unfortunately Tom Delonge has cancelled his appearance and Q&A tonight at Palace Westgarth for Cult Vault. The session will still be going ahead with some signed merchandise and giveaway's so we still hope you can attend.

Palace Westgarth Cult Vault is very pleased to announce a special screening of the Sci-Fi Mind Melter LOVE.

Lee Miller, the first astronaut in many years to be sent into space, lives a solitary life on board the International Space Station. When the aging equipment begins to malfunction, Miller has to stabilize the ship until he can re-establish contact and return home. A chilling message from Earth is finally delivered to him, leaving him to not only battle dwindling life support systems, but his crumbling sanity. A strange and amazing discovery on board the ship throws history and all he has known into question and it too causes Miller to confront the reality of his surroundings, and to ask himself the ultimate question – is he the last human being alive?

Driven by the powerful music of Angels and Airwaves (winner of best musical score at Toronto After Dark), LOVE explores the fundamental human need for connection and the limitless power of hope. A must see for any fan of science fiction and ambitious independent film making, LOVE is a high impact, unforgettable, visual adventure that resonates a common truth, that everyone has a story to tell and something even greater to leave behind.

When: Friday March 1
Time: 11:30pm
Where: Palace Westgarth
Tickets: $13

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“Venturesome indie sci-fi opus “Love” eschews monsters and laser guns for a more cerebral brand of futuristic adventure reminiscent of “2001”, “Solaris”, “Moon”, and the like. An impressive show of imagination and design scaled to modest production means..” Variety

“I found Love to be one of the more engaging, visually exciting art house films I’ve seen in some time; they manage a larger budget feel with much less than was actually available impressively… has a lot to offer the Inception and Moon crowds”. Aint It Cool News

“It looks beautiful: a master-class of budget filmmaking in the modern age” Daniel Murphy EMPIRE

“..a film best suited for the big screen…It is well worth seeking out”. Collider

“The music element, and the overall sound design (handsomely polished on the technical side by the folks who did Black Swan and Transformers) is stunningly effective…the soundtrack is completely enveloping” Twitchfilm

“…this film is a wonderful example of science fiction doing what it’s supposed to do: make you want to push humanity past our understanding and further into our future” Cinema Slasher

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