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Cinema Italia

Multi-ethnic Italy: the new Italians
in partnership with Sydney's Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Event information

Palace Cinemas and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Sydney (IIC) are excited to present Cinema Italia 2021: Multi-ethnic Italy: the new Italians, a selection of contemporary Italian movies that gives perspective from Italy’s migrants, experiencing Italy’s culture, both beautiful and flawed, through a foreign lens.

Hosted at Palace Cinemas Norton Street on one Tuesday of each month, each guest will receive a prosecco on arrival, with a film introduction to precede the screening, followed by a Q&A with a special guest and moderated by Antonella Beconi, convenor for Italian at the Center of Continuing Education, University of Sydney, on behalf of IIC.

Admission Prices:
General Admission $20
Palace Movie Club, IIC Members, Students* $15

Palace Cinemas Norton Street
99 Norton Street, Leichhardt 2040.

Session Details 
Includes a glass of prosecco on arrival. 6.30pm introduction and film, followed by Q&A.

This series was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Sydney, Sydney University and Palace Cinemas.

*Student discount includes the following organisations – University of Sydney, UTS, UNSW, Macquarie University, Center of Continuing Education.


Marina [2013, 118’]
Q&A with Marina Freri executive producer at ABC for RN breakfast + Jason Di Rosso film critic, ABC + Thomas Campi, graphic novel author, Macaroni
A gloriously entertaining biopic that tells the true story of beloved singer, songwriter and accordionist, Rocco Granata, from his early life as an immigrant in Belgium to his emergence as a worldwide musical phenomenon with his 1959 song Marina, one of the biggest international hits of that era… FULL SYNOPSIS

Shun Li and the Poet [Lo Sono-Li, 2012, 100’]
Q&A with Yingje Guo Chair of Chinese Studies + Gabriele Abbondanza Associate Fellow at the Institute of International Affairs (IAI)
In Andrea Segre’s poignant debut feature, Shun Li is a softly-spoken young Chinese immigrant who is moved by her Chinese broker from a clothing factory to a new job as a barmaid in Chioggia, a small fishing community on the Venetian lagoon… FULL SYNOPSIS

Alì Blue Eyes [Alì Ha Gli Occhi Azzurri, 2012, 100’]
Q&A with Lucia Sorbera Chair of Arabic Studies Usyd + Francesco Borghesi Chair of Italian Studies Usyd
Nader (Nader Sarhan), a 16-year-old Italian-born son of Egyptian Muslim parents, is at the centre of this powerful tale of a young man caught between his peers and his cultural roots. In love with Italian girl Brigitte, he defies family wishes by running away from home. When his hot-headed friend Stefano gets into a fight, Nader stabs a young Romanian in his defence, forcing Nader to flee the scene and go into hiding. Spending his days cold, hungry and afraid he avoids the wounded victim’s family, who are now seeking revenge… FULL SYNOPSIS

The Landlords [Padroni Di Casa, 2012, 90’]
Q&A with Antonia Rubino Associate Professor of Italian Studies Usyd + Cristiana Palmieri Research Affiliate of Italian Studies, Usyd
Equal parts drama, comedy and thriller, The Landlords is a riveting film from actor-turneddirector, Edoardo Gabbriellini (I Am Love) with a sensational cast including legendary real-life singer Gianni Morandi making a return to the big screen after 40 years… FULL SYNOPSIS

Dates, Location & Tickets


July 20
Q&A Post-Film


Shun Li and the Poet
August 24
Q&A Post-Film


Alì Blue Eyes
October 19
Q&A Post-Film


The Landlords
November 16
Q&A Post-Film